by J4ckm00n

Released 2016
Released 2016
Sharing with the world my experiences through music has been a passion of mine brought on by love, hate, and many other unimaginable emotions. Sharing with people who have come across these emotions sometime in their life is all i ever need. Your welcome
I am J4ckm00n,
Here me roar through your ear drums and open up your conscious.
Hold you in my arms of bass.
Smother you with the emotion streaming out my speakers.
Could you possibly imagine this transformation of music?
Could you let it creep through your soul like smoke consuming a room.
Sometimes you can feel the music ring through your ears.
Sometimes you feel the whisper of vibration rolling down your neck.

This is not your typical rage.
This is not your regular soundtrack.

The all seeing, all knowing
bass of the world.